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Getting connected to iSeries – Part 1

I wanted to share some QlikView settings that I use daily for communications with our iSeries box. I use the ODBC driver “iSeries Access ODBC Driver” (version which are included on the iSeries Client Access installations (I have the v7r1 version installed).

List of iSeries ODBC connectionsI have the ODBC connection setup under System DSN (good idea if on a server that way all the connected users can use it) called “SYS400”.  On the Server tab, I use a SQL naming convention which does take some getting used to if you are a heavy IBMer.  When you use the SQL Naming convention, your sql connection strings in QlikView will end up in this type of format: (ODBC DSN Name).(Library).(Member).

Below is an example of a SQL read from the iSeries box which I’m using the data for translating a composite key of company and customer bill-to to a customer name.

SQL Naming convention for iSeries in QlikView

An important note: IBM System i Access is a licensed program and does require a license to System i Windows Family (Product ID: 5761-XW1) before use.  I would recommend checking with your department that handles the iSeries machine(s) for a client access install disc or possibly calling IBM to see about getting just the ODBC driver.  For Client Access installation instructions, I would recommend this install guide from IBM.

The next part will cover additional ODBC settings and best practices for data retrieval on a iSeries machine.  Stay tuned!